Penns Valley Penguins Swim Team
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Registration Information
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2022 Swim Team Pricing
Please note that these fees do NOT include a pool membership.
1 Swimmer 2 Swimmers 3 Swimmers 4+ Swimmers
$100 $150 $180 $200
Thank you for joining the 2022 season!  Our team is growing beyond what we imagined
and we are excited to get started!

2022 Penns Valley Penguins Swim Team Board:

President - Erin Blumsack
​Vice President - Jerry Klena
Secretary - Erin Puissegur
Treasurer - Betsy Quigley
Member-at-Large:  Shawna Long
Member-at-Large - Stephanie Perrot
Member-at-Large - Terri Sparh
Member-at-Large - Emily Weaver
Member-at-Large - Leslie Warriner
Head Coach - Stephanie Hettinger
Team Suit
UPDATE - The availability of suit options turned out to be extremely limited.  We had to adjust and pick a different suit to ensure we could get enough of them and get them timely.  The suit for this season is below:

This year's team suit is the Arena Maxlife Lightning in navy-navy.  We have closed the team order of this suit but you can still order through D&J below (click the photos).  They are also available on Arena's website.

Team suits are often considered "meet suits."  That being said, you may wear them whenever you choose.  You also do NOT have to purchase a suit.  There are a number of families who don't.  Oftentimes, swimmers will wear previous team suits as practice suits.

D&J Sports is a great resource for practice suits, googles, etc.  Their address is 234 Market Street in Lewisburg.
Registration Closed